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Friday, September 6, 2019

Hopeless Educational System of Nigeria

The average Nigerian child spends 18-24years in school studying for a degree that means no shit when he graduates, a degree that do not automatically guarantee him/her a job.

See it this way.

A child is born in Nigeria.

Begins nursery school around 2years.

Nursery 1.2 and 3 takes till around 5 years.

Primary 1-6 takes 5-11years.

Begins secondary school from 11-16 years (Js1-Ss3) if he doesn't repeat any class.

Immediately he leaves Secondary school by 16years he sit and pass Jamb, gains admission for a 4 years course by 17years, the course runs till he is 21.

He goes to service by 22, finishes around 23.

You spend roughly 18-24 years in school if there are no hitches like repeating a class, strike and an extra year. All for what? A university degree? A degree that holds no water?
Our education system is fucked up. Highly fucked up.

What use is the 6-3-3-4 system? If it cannot guarantee your children a reliable future?

Scrap the nonsense jare, trim the system to a 4-3-2-3 system and engage the students in a trade right up from js2.
4 years Primary school.
3 years Junior secondary(begins learning a trade from js2)
2 years Senior secondary.
3 years in the University for a BSC.
1 year for NYSC(in the students trade he learnt in Secondary School).
It would make the graduate innovative, the graduate would gather experience in a particular field)

Scrap all those drawings of Cockroaches, Grasshoppers and Termites, of what use are they to us that learnt it? What use will it be to our kids?
What has paramecium and amoeba done for me now?
We were busy learning how to draw the insides of a grasshopper while children in Japan were fixing phones.
Our system of Education is flawed, highly.

If a child begins learning how to make chairs(lets say he chooses this trade) from js2 when he is 12, he learns this chair making till he is 16, tell me why that child will not become an expert and employ himself?

The education system in Nigeria do not give one an opportunity to learn any other thing.
A child goes to school by 7:30, begins learning from 8:00 till 2/3(extra lesson from 2-3/4), that child comes back with loads of assignments that he must submit by the next day. What time does he have for extra curricular activities?

Ever wonder why our children do wonders when they school  abroad?
Ever wonder why we have better sportsmen who grew up outside Nigeria?
The Whites maximize time.
They work with time.
A Nigerian is schooling abroad and plays basketball at the same time.
A Nigerian is schooling here in Nigeria and does nothing aside schooling.
Why is that so?

I read about the Australia education sector that says their kids learn from 8am-1pm then goes to play basketball, football, and engage in other things, meaningful things.

We over work our kids, we work them like Donkeys and expect them to do wonders, they are trying to be fair.

In the University, a lecturer fixes a class by 2pm and ends by 4pm, some come by 4pm, I feel the students brain shuts down (to learning) from 1pm, how many of you here loved afternoon classes? Classes from 2pm-4pm?When it was hell fire hot, the classes very hot, everyone sweating, the fans do not work, how would a student learn?

A lecturer spends 2hrs teaching students, what is he teaching abeg? 2hrs? Trim a period to 40mins, 40mins for a lecture, from 8:00-8:45, there's really no need for a class to last from 8:00-10:00, many lecturers do not see the need for the 2hrs, so they come when their period is just 1hr to finish.

We spend years and years in school learning nonsense, all theoretical while the whites are learning what they need to learn.
What use is putting children in an SS1 class and teach them both Science and Arts subjects? You say "so that they'll choose the field they want to go into" what the hell?

As an aspirant and a work over of Science Laboratory Technology,  all the Chemistry I learnt in SS1 wetin I use am do?
I remember then, one bald headed man will flog me cause I didn't have Physics note in SS1(Ask master ifeanyi)It wasn't easy for all of us.
Wetin concern agbero with overload?
Wetin bicycle dey find for petrol station?

In our Jss 3 stage they thought us management of business and enterprises, wetin we dey manage? All those ones no be to kill person moral? There were many unnecessary courses we took back in school, courses that was just made to obliterate our studies and mere educational standards and qualifications . Many unnecessary topics we borrowed, nonsense, useless topics.

There are many part of our learning we need to delete from our education system. It's doing us no good.
We waste our formative years learning absolute bullshit, no child of mine would draw grasshopper and the likes, NEVER!

Our education system do not evaluate your ability to think, they just test your cramming technique.

I just sat thinking, if we were to learn a trade for 18-24years alongside schooling, no one would search for job after graduation, we would be professionals in the chosen trade.

Just to learn book naim e take us 18-24 years and the book never end.
Nonsense book.

I dey vex!
Hot vex!

The Ministry Of Education should do something please.
You guys should think!

I am...


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