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Tuesday, September 17, 2019


Beautiful days comes and goes
And oftentimes, we don't get to maximize the beauty that's within

Ugly days comes and tarries in our minds...never letting go the unpleasant events that unveiled what a cruel world we live in

Ugly days are often maximized
Often dwelled on
Often noticed
Often talked about
Often gossiped
...which makes ugliness enrapture our minds, our thoughts, and when it gets to the heart of a true rids it apart

Ugliness I have...
Ugliness I have lived
Ugliness surrounds
The very air I breath...ugly
Seemingly tearing the very essence of my being...ugliness has take over

Ugly would your name be when it gets to your heart...making it not to be somewhat aesthetically pleasing

Ugly would you be when you make your mind a breeding ground for hurtful and evil thoughts for a fellow who mostly probably didn't know that he's hurt a soul

Ugly would you be when your drive is to rid people off their become parasitic instead of an ache instead of a painkiller

Ugly would you be when grabbing a knife seem to be the only option to end a fight
Ugly would you be when you chose to cheat on  a beautiful soul that loves you unconditionally

Ugly would you be when evil takes a hold of your physical frame...becomes the very air you breath
The light you see through
All that you perceive
The vital liquid your heart pumps
The only fluid that quences your thirst
The you that you know...

Dwell in beauty
Dwell in egregious beauty
Dwell in finesse
Let beauty enrapture your essence
Let it twist and thrust ugliness outta you
Let beauty shape you...
Your thoughts
Your actions
Your emotions
Your life...
Let beauty be the you that you know

Source :  LiteraryBakers

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