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Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Choosing The Same School as 1st and 2nd Choice Helps Admission?

As soon as a candidate insists that the same school should be chosen for him or her as a first and second institution during UTME registration or Change of Institution exercise, I immediately know what he or she is up to. But there are things to know if you're such a student.

Have you fallen the victim of being advised to choose a school as the first choice and the same school as the second choice?

A student doesn't just come up with this without reading it somewhere or being advised by a brother, sister, friend or teacher that, admission is sure if the same university, polytechnic or colleges of education is considered number 1 and at the same time, number 2.

Let's see what is right behind this. We will, as well, see if it's true that a school you choose as first and at the same time second, will have no other choice than to offer you admission.
The Main Idea Behind Choosing a School as First and Second Choice at The Same Time

Back in 1999, JAMB conducted two matriculation exams - UME and MPCE. While the former was meant for admission into universities, the later was for the admission into Monotechnics and Polytechnics. See Differences Between Polytechnics and Monotechnics (Admission Guide for UTME Candidates)

As at that time, you could choose 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice institutions.

The norm then was to choose a school of your priority as the first and second. In fact, some students would consider the same school as their thirds. The main reason was to show to your proposed school that you truly want them and you don't care about any other school.

Similarly, some students, like me then, would choose the same course for the schools, so as to prove we loved the courses and preferred them to others.

And in most cases, it worked like charm! Schools will offer you admission if you merit it.

Where another candidate merits it but didn't choose the school twice, with limited spaces, you might be considered for admission ahead or instead of him.

No report way to prove this was working but we all experienced it then. And it favoured us most of the time. However, no official disclosure that our admissions were due to this method of choice.
Is Choosing The Same Institution Twice Still Working To Favour You In Admission?

The answer to this is very simply NO.

I know you'd heard that it was working. And in most cases, those giving the advice were usually graduates of the early and late 90s. These are admitted candidates of our time. They're still eating a twenty years old soup. They're living in the past.

Admission policies had changed drastically in the last 10 years. What worked, even last year, may be outdated today.

Below is the proof that this is not working any longer.

Before now, the very purpose of 2nd, 3rd or 4th choice institution should serve is:
If you don't meet up with the requirements of your first choice institution, the second choice should give you space.
If you don't meet up with the 2nd choice's requirements, the third choice should help.
If you don't meet the third school's requirements, the fourth should accommodate you
And if you don't meet that, as well, you should wait till next admission year.

But, this is not the order of the day in 2020 and most likely, beyond. Hence, let's explore how things are working now.



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After choosing the four schools in JAMB,
You're expecting admission from the first choice. If they don't offer you admission or you don't meet up, you can bring any of your second, third or fourth choice to number 1 through the change of institution and chase that too.
If you're no more interested in any of the choices, you can still take a completely new school as the first while changing the institutions.
During the change of institutions, you change all the institutions to completely new ones.
You can keep changing schools and partake in their post UTMEs until one eventually offer you admission.

In short, for now, you've got the flexibility to change things the way you want before the post UTME or after screening. Changing to schools can be done several times now. Hence, no rule of thumb, as to how you change your institutions. I'd discussed several ways to choose institutions in my post,
JAMB and Schools Only Offer Admission First Choice Candidates

The latest you must know is that, schools in your second, third or fourth position won't offer you admission. They're just there for you to twist around if you can't be offered by the first choice.

This is why JAMB only gives admission (on CAPS) to candidates that choose a school as the first choice. If a second, third or fourth choice school allows you to obtain her post UTME form, she is just baiting you. After the form, registration, and participation in her post UTME, you will be asked to change her to the first choice before you can be offered admission by both the school and JAMB.

Of course, JAMB only offers candidates in the first choice position admission through the CAPS. If you're still in the second position of a school that wishes to offer you admission, JAMB will not allow you to see your admission not to talk being able to print the admission letters.
Choosing a School as First and Second, at the Same Time Doesn't Help

Going back to the question, choosing a school, as your brother has advised, as both first and second, is not doing anything today. No school cares to be considered in the second position - even a college of education.

Hence, when you choose one as the first, that's perfect. But as second again, irrelevant. You can just choose another school as the second, so that, you may consider that for your first choice later of the one at the top doesn't favour you.

The instruction or advice that if you choose a school, as the first choice and second, helps you to quickly gain admission to that school is just out of common sense. It's not real or anywhere official.

No schools care about what you're thinking of them and the love you have for them. They have their laid down policies for admission. What matters, at the end is, 1st choice, passing your UTME and passing her post UTME. Once these are in place, you're on the merit list.

Best of luck!



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